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Teeth Bleaching Trays

Premium ThermoForm Custom Bleaching Trays (3-pack) - $19.95 each

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Premium ThermoForm Custom Moldable Bleaching Trays are the best in the industry. Demand only the best for your teeth. These are the same easy-to-use trays found in the our complete kits. Unlike other low-quality bleaching trays, this tray is made from a very special polymer and is drawsting bag-small-02jmolded by heating it up in warm water and then placing it in your mouth to form a precise mold of your teeth. One size fits all shapes and sizes of teeth because the bleaching tray will stretch or shrink during the molding process to provide your teeth with an exact fit. Features of our ThermoForm Bleaching Trays are:

  • Custom Moldable
  • One Size Fits All
  • Soft and Comfortable to Wear
  • Low Heat Molding
  • Large Dental Coverage Area
  • Covers the Front and Back Side of Teeth
  • Clear, See-through Polymer Blend
  • Can be Remolded

Before Molding

After Molding

Each package contains: 

  • 3 Moldable ThermoForm Bleaching Trays
  • Deluxe Storage Drawstring Container
  • Detailed Usage Instructions

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