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Teeth WhiteningI am a born skeptic so when I tried at-home Whitening, I conducted my own effectiveness test by whitening only my upper teeth. I wanted to compare my upper and lower teeth throughout the process. Sure enough, my upper teeth began getting whiter and whiter than my lower teeth and people began asking me why my lower teeth had become so stained! My personal experiment convinced me that at-home whitening really works.

Tony P. - Los Angeles, CA

Several years ago, I spent hundreds of dollars at a dentist for a whitening system and it was now time for me to whiten my teeth again. Instead of going back to my dentist, I first tried the system and it turned out to be the exact same process that my dentist used except that it cost me only one tenth of what my dentist charged and I received so much more whitening gel. There was absolutely no difference in the whitening power between at-home systems and my dentist’s system. Now I can afford to whiten my teeth whenever I want.

Mary S. - Boston, MA

I wanted to whiten my teeth, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I have tried several OTC whiteners and toothpastes with no results. My last hope was to try at-home whitening before I was convinced that only a dentist could give me the results I wanted. Well, it did the job and now people actually comment on my white teeth and beautiful smile. Thanks At-home Whitening!

Sandra R. - San Antonio, TX

I’m a smoker and my girlfriend had been complaining to me about the unhealthy aspects of smoking. I know she means well and was only doing this because she cares about me. One of her main focuses was upon the staining of my teeth by cigarette tobacco. I decided to keep smoking, but try to restore the color of my teeth. After trying several other whitening formulas, I gave at-home whitening systems a try and it really, really worked. Within three weeks, my girlfriend noticed that my teeth were looking great. She knows that I am still smoking, but I sure don’t hear about it much anymore. Seems that every time I opened my mouth and exposed my yellowing teeth, she was reminded of my smoking habit and she was compelled to discuss it with me. Now my teeth are white and my teeth no longer act as a reminder to anyone that I need to have a discussion about the pitfalls of smoking. Thank you!

Max T. - Columbia, SC


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